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My Jong Law Horn Kung Fu


My Jong Law Horn
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This is an unofficial livejournal community for those practicing the My Jong Law Horn style of kung fu.

The style is also known by the following names and transliterations:

Chinese: 迷蹤羅漢
Alternate Chinese: 迷踪羅漢
Cantonese Transliteration: My Jhong Law Horn
Mandarin Transliteration: Mi Zong Lo Han
Alternate Mandarin Name: Mi Tsung I Lohan Chuan Shu
Mandarin Pinyin: Mi2 Zong1 Luo2 Han4
Mandarin Wade-Giles: Mi2 Tsung1 Lo2 Han4
Cantonese Yale: Mai4 Jung1 Lo4 Hon3
English Translation: Lost Track Buddhist Disciple
English/Sanskrit Translation: Lost Track Arhat

This is a place to share stories, discuss training, compare notes, and examine kung fu concepts in general.

Here are some links to My Jong Law Horn schools that our members are part of (drop me a message with your school name and website URL to be added):
There is a more comprehensive list here.

One of the better lineage charts I've seen can be found here. For information about the style, read here.
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