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Zactonolak [userpic]
foot thing

i wonder if any of you can offer any insight into a recurring injury of mine. basically, i have a small tear on the bottom of my right foot that continues to re-open. it seems to be aggravated by twisting my right foot against the floor with the ankle twist that accompanies a straight right hand boxing punch. seen a doctor--- basically recommends that i keep it bandaged throughout practice, so that it does not re-open.
healing is slowed by virtue of my working out barefoot on these very frictiony plastic mats that the tae kwon do people installed into my university's practice room. the TKD club also tells us to work out barefoot because they say that shoes will tear up their mat. it's kinda irritating; my feet are getting more callused, which is nice, but this one tiny but annoying injury has been with me consistently.
oh, and my sifu recommends athletic tape, which does work but tends to bunch up the bottom of my floor and screw with my balance, so i'll usually just rip it off partway throught the workout and ignore the cut. possibly i just don't know how to apply the tape correctly; how does one use it to bandage the bottom of a foot on which one will be working out barefoot?
anyone have any insight into my experience they care to share?


eventually, an 'advanced healing' band-aid is what did the trick. accelerated healing so that the cut could heal faster between practices. would fall off during practice, off course.

man, i really need to get back into mjlh. it's been months and none of my pants fit me anymore.