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Travis [userpic]
I'm not dead yet!

Got my yellow belt on Nov. 19th. I'm pretty jazzed, because for quite some time I felt that would be the first real test of my skills. We started by holding horse stance for 2.5 minutes, went through various punch- ridge hand combinations, did 2-step sidekick, hook kick, and stance punching. At the end we broke boards (pine, heel thrusting kick) did our forms and sparred some.

This past saturday Brandon Kung Fu held an eagle claw seminar entitled "The Principles of Pain." My how accurate that title was. I was a couple hours late (I tried calling to find out when I was supposed to be there, but no one answered.) but still learned a lot about joint locking, and causing maximum pain through minimum effort. Sifu Kenny, Sifu Dean and Sifu Stephan did an awesome job of it.

The coolest part of the seminar was when another student asked him about using chin-na from a ground position such as the Guard. Sifu Kenny happily complied by getting on his back, prompting the student to take the mount, and throw a few punches. Despite Sifu Dean's chiding that they should "get a room!" the student did as told. Sifu Kenny blocked the punches, and through some impossibly quick manner of twising and contorting he locked the student's arms and took the mount- not just a guard escape, but a guard REVERSAL. At which point a student joked "Sifu Kenny 16 seconds by submission!"

All in all, it was a very enlightening class :)